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From: Rose in Wisconsin:        July 7, 2014


I visited Kavanaugh Shepherds today with hopes of purchasing a pup down the road. I wanted to see their set up and get a feel for how puppies are raised.  These pups are raised by a lady that knows shepherds and cares about what she produces, QUALITY. Pups are raised in a clean and kept area not a dirty kennel or barn. She also showed me where pups go once they reach 4 weeks old out of the nursery into the play pen.

Judy does all the right things and cares about her babies. Her adult dogs and ma ma's welcomed me with a bark but accepted me once in her home. I am looking forward to getting my pup in the fall should Judy have any upcoming litters. I am attracted to her dedication to the breed, her pedigree and above all the quality of her pups...

I am so glad I came across your site Judy we will be in touch! looking forward to bringing a new forever friend home to our family.


I highly recommend Kavanaugh Shepherds! don't walk away from these pups they are exceptional!





In 2006, our family decided it was time to add a new family member a German Shepherd. We began to search for a breeder that would provide the type of dog we were looking for. I reviewed many pedigrees but just as important to me was the person who bred the puppies.


I was looking for a dog that was beautiful and met the standards of a German line German shepherd and had the temperament to be a Schutzhund dog and a loving family member.  


In July 2006, one of the breeders we talked to was Judy Kavanaugh of Kavanaugh Shepherds. Immediately, we could tell she bred dogs for the love of the breed not as a money making venture. She carefully matched pedigrees to produce dogs that met the standard and had wonderful temperaments.

She spent time with each puppy socializing it and getting them used to different sounds. At the time we were debating between a few different breeders but Judy’s personality and quality of puppies made Kavanaugh Shepherds clear choice.

In August, 2006, we brought home our puppy Aiko v. Kavanaugh (Krieger). He is beautiful, highly intelligent and a true member of the family. He catches on to training very quickly. He loves to go for walks and go in the pool. In Octoboer, 2006, we added one of Kreiger’s littermates, Atlas v Kavanaugh (Wookie) to our family. Wookie is also extremely intelligent and loves to lie on the couch with his people. We could not ask for better dogs.


Not only did we find two perfect GSDs but we also found a friend in Judy. We keep in touch regularly. Any time we have a question about training, health or anything GSD relating she is ready to help. It has been eight years since we brought Krieger and Wookie home and when we visited Chicago we made sure to spend the afternoon visiting with Judy and her dogs. She truly cares about each and every puppy and makes sure they are in a quality home when they will have a family for their entire lifetime.  We highly recommend Kavanaugh Sheperds if you are looking for a high quality German line dog that can be a family dog and/or working dog.

From Steve in Missouri:


Judy, thank you so much for Trudy.  It was such a great experience in picking our girl out. We feel so fortunate to have found you.


She is great with family, friends and is so easy to train. Trudy is everything we had hoped for. Steve.



Just wanted to relay to you the love and harmony I have attained with my “HERO” since I picked her up from you in 2012.


As you know, she will be 3 yrs old this December. She is beautiful, faithful, loving and fun. Everyone that meets her wants to take her home, under their comments: “she’s beautiful” “she’s calm” “friendly” and “smart”. I cant phathom my life without her.  

She loves car rides, thrives on Frisbee & is an awesome catcher at it.  She is the reason I rush home from work every day. When I lay down to nap, she’ll sit beside the bed or couch & lay her head at my face & watch me fall asleep, then she’ll lay down and remain there until I wake.

 Also, had her at a couple different vets over time & they both are in “awe” at how sweet & calm, yet attentive a German Shepherd can be and have said, “I wish they were all like this that come to see us.”It makes a German Shepherd momma PROUD!!! Had her hips x-rayed at 25 months and it blew me away when I got the news they were EXCELLENT. Whoot-Whoot. But, I really owe it all to you…a very dedicated, conscious breeder who strives for excellence in the breed. Because of that, I have a love that will be my loyal, loving, healthy companion for many years. Equally important, I want to THANK YOU for being there, every spur of the moment, for guidance and answering ALL my questions, even still to this day. Couldn’t have found a better breeder and friend. Sorry so lengthy, just wanted to let you know how we (Hero & me) are doing and give credit where credit is due.



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